Civilians’ killing by Indian troops in Sopore condemned

Three persons were martyred by the random firing of Indian forces’ personnel at Aarampora in Sopore town, yesterday. The incident triggered a forceful anti-India protest in the area.

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Mass Movement, Molvi Bashir Ahmad Irfani in his statement in Srinagar, said that despite the oppression on the part of India, the spirit of freedom and struggle for liberation of Kashmir could not be eradicated from the hearts of Kashmiri people.

He paid homage to the martyrs of Sopore and saluted the determination and patience of their families. He said that the mission of the Kashmiri martyrs would be taken to its logical conclusion at all costs.

The Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) spokesman in a statement in Srinagar, highlighting the growing incidents of state-sponsored violence in Kashmir valley, said that it was quite unfortunate that the hapless Kashmiris were being killed by the Indian forces without any reason.

Terming the killing of three civilians as the worst form of state-terrorism the spokesman demanded the international community to hold India accountable of the war crimes being committed by the Indian occupation forces.

Reiterating Kashmiris pledge to take the ongoing freedom struggle to its logical conclusion the DFP spokesman said that the oppression and suppression by the Indian government could not deter Kashmiris from pursuing their legitimate rights, guaranteed to them by the international community.

APHC leader and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League Chairman, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza in his statement in Srinagar said, the killing is not a new thing in the occupied territory but the silence of the world on Kashmir is unfortunate.

Reacting to the cold blood murder of three civilians at the hands of Indian forces in Sopore, Tehreek-e-Muzahamat Chairman, Bilal Ahmed Sidiqui in a statement in Srinagar strongly condemned the Indian brutalities and termed the killings as a cowardly and most inhuman act.

He said that the sacrifices of Kashmiri martyrs would not go waste and would bear fruit in shape of complete freedom from the brutal and ugly occupation.

Hurriyat leader, Javaid Ahmad Mir addressing condolence meetings at Dangarpora, Panzeenora in Baramulla district and Rainawari in Srinagar strongly condemned the killing and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families.

He deplored that Indian forces had always targeted civilian population of Kashmir’s Muslim majority territory. He said, the civilian killing in IIOJK is not a new thing but from the 1990 Gawkadal massacre to Chota Bazaar and Handwara, hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed by Indian troops.

Hurriyat leader, Jahangir Ghani Butt in his statement in Srinagar, condemning the brutal civilian killings in Sopore by Indian forces, said, this is the grave human rights violation and termed it against the basic Charter of the United Nations human rights values.

He said, Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute between Pakistan and India and it is moral duty of the UN Security Council to take notice of such grave rights violations by Indian forces.

Jahangir Ghani Butt urged the international community to come forward and facilitate a sustained dialogue process between Pakistan and India so that the long pending dispute of Kashmir could be resolved.

The Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) spokesman, in a statement issued in Srinagar, condemning in strong terms the killing of three innocent Kashmiris, termed it as the worst form of state-terrorism

Highlighting the rising incidents of Indian state terrorism in IIOJK, he stated that the hapless Kashmiris were being killed in cordon and search operations that continue unabated despite the ravaging Corona pandemic.

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League has strongly condemned the killing of two civilians by Indian forces in Sopore and expressed solidarity with the victim families.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, on the latest killing spree in Sopore, in a statement in Islamabad said, the Paradise is in flames, day in and day out. He said the Indian  obscurantist and anti-human rights regime is in search of lame excuses to start murder and mayhem and punish the innocent inhabitants for their uncommitted sins, while an organized campaign to rape the communal and geographical and regional shape; divide and sub-divide this historical entity and break it into pieces, only to create unnatural connection for furthering the overall anti-Kashmir and anti-people designs to finally turn it into a Hindu majority region. He condemned the brutality in the strongest possible words, holding the international powers responsible for not putting pressure on the ruthless Modi regime to end all atrocities and give political freedoms to the people to express their views in a peaceful and political manner. He urged the UN SG to start a serious debate in on the  Kashmir scenario to end the longstanding imbroglio in accordance with the urges and aspirations of the State people.

The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement Vice Chairman, Abdul Majeed Malik, Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Pir Panjal Freedom Movement, Qazi Imran and Kashmiri journalist and Convener of People’s Association, Khalid Shabbir in a joint statement issued in Islamabad strongly condemned the fresh killing spree in IIOJK.

They said that India was the biggest terrorist country in the world which was engaged in genocide of oppressed Kashmiris, adding that the United Nations should take notice of this terrorism and fulfill its promise to the Kashmiri people regarding their birthright to self-determination.

Vice Chairman of JKPL, Syed Aijaz Rehmani in a statement in Islamabad, condemning the killing, urged the United Nations and other international human rights organization to take notice of Indian state terrorism in IIOJK.

He said, Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute and it is moral duty of the UN Security Council countries to take notice of the worst situation of Kashmir and to resolve it as per its resolutions

Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Tehreek-e-Istaqlal, Mushtaq Ahmed Butt and Youth Wing Chairman, Tanveer Durrani in a joint statement in Srinagar, condemning the killing in Sopore, said that India wanted to suppress the liberation movement through such cheap tactics but would never succeed in its nefarious designs.

The Vice Chairman, Insaf Party, Haji Mohamed Sultan in a statement also condemned the worst state terrorism displayed by the Indian forces at Sopore and said that the people of Kashmir had come across scores of such heinous actions of mass killings by the Indian forces. Paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Sopore, he said that the whole nation share the burden of grief stricken families of the martyrs.

Youth Forum Kashmir in a statement while denouncing the killing called on New Delhi to cease the use of force in Kashmir, restore the pre-August 5, 2019 status of Jammu and Kashmir, reduce Indian military footprint, and immediately start talks with Pakistan and Kashmiris to find a permanent peaceful solution to the Kashmir dispute.

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