Government failed to nib Qadiani evil in the bud – Hashmat Habib

The Government should direct all its employees to declare on Oath about their religious belief. Similarly all associations of different professions should obtain affidavits from their members in this regard.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said prosperity of the country lies in rule of law and government is bound to take stern action against hidden Qadianis and their facilitators to do illegalities injuring the feeling of Muslims.

He said even while performing Nikah. The Nikah-khuwan must require from the groom and bride about their religious belief. In this way we can purify the society from hidden Qadianis illegalities and maintain constitution and law.

Hashmat Habib said all the citizens have equal rights provided they abide by constitution and law, Qadianis cannot claim themselves as Ahmadi Muslim because they are declared non-Muslim and as per Islam they are zandeek.

According to senior lawyer Qadianis are spreading like coronavirus due to failure of Government to curb their activities and ensure their obedience of constitution. He said when administrative action regarding corona virus can be implemented throughout country. Then why the government is reluctant to nib Qadiani evil in bud.

He said on one hand entire government machinery takes refuge behind section 144 Crpc and play with the fundamental rights of citizens without any check but on the other failure of Government to stop illegal activities of Qadianis is nothing but to facilitate them at the behest of Anti-Muslim elements.

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