‘Surprise Day’ celebrated with enthusiasm in France

February  28, 2021

Paris, February 28 (KMS) – Two years after the downing of two Indian fighter planes by Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistani community living in France celebrated “Surprise Day” to pay tribute to the heroes of the Pakistan Air Force.

Sahibzada Attique, a political leader from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in his address said that the Pakistan Army was an iron wall against its enemies. He said that Pakistan Air Force gave a befitting reply to the three times bigger Indian Air Force, intoxicated with power, and sent a message to the whole world that those who look at Pakistan with evil eye will meet the same fate.

Other speakers said that the Pakistan Army, by its actions, proved that it is not an aggressor but knows how to retaliate against the aggressors. He said that February 27, 2019 is a bright chapter in the defense history of Pakistan.

The eagles of Pakistan Air Force made a new history of bravery by destroying two warplanes of Indian Air Force, they added.

On this occasion, cakes were cut and slogans in favour Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force were raised. “Jashan Fateh Zindabad, Surprise Day Zindabad and Pakistan Zindabad” were also chanted.

Special Prayers were offered for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

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