Hashmat Ali Habib, the senior lawyer of Supreme Court has called that Armed forces are disciplined setup and cautious of their duties therefore, the ruler party must be given shut up call not to confuse people that rulers and armed forces are on one page.

He disclosed that Constitution nowhere prohibits citizens to refer COAS or any other General by name, on the other hand; it clears the ambiguity relating to responsible officials of establishment.

Hashmat Habib also President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia pointed out that under a conspiracy the armed forces are being dragged in this dispute for malafide intention.

He said under the Article 245 of the constitution ‘Armed forces, under the direction of Federal Govt. defend Pakistan against external aggression or threat of war, and subject to law, act in aid of civil power when called upon to do so’.

However, under their Oath they cannot engage themselves in any political activities. He said Armed forces are part of state therefore; Federal Govt. cannot assign any function involving political activities.

To save Armed forces from the allegation of interfering in elections and affairs of Govt. the constitutional limits should be observed, veteran lawyer advised

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