Abuse of law by armed forces is a horrible crime – Hashmat Habib

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia has said Pakistanis love their brave defenders but they cannot tolerate if they act otherwise. He said the issue of latest happening at Quaid e Azam Mazar and abuse of law by Rangers at the behest of PTI has lead to mutiny in the ranks of police which is not in favour of the country.

He said that limits of functioning of Armed forces are clear that they cannot act in excess of their constitutional duty and create an impression that they are supporting the rulers in their unconstitutional activities.

The senior lawyer said that all the organs and departments of State should return within the domain of their functioning otherwise the country will swiftly shake its foundation. Remedial steps if taken sooner that will be better.

Hashmat Habib with heavy heart reviewed the latest blunders committed by the regime and said Pakistan can survive and prosper only by rule of law but we are adopting the path of abuse of law, a horrible crime.

He referred that under Article 245 of constitution Armed forces are bound to act in aid of civil power under the direction of the federal government to defend Pakistan against external aggression or threat of war, and subject to law when called upon to do so.

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