Statement by Halkbank on the Tradesman Support Package

Halkbank made a statement about the conditions of loan disbursement due to the false information shared on social media about the “Tradesmen Support Package”, which was put into practice under the Economic Stability Shield.
Gökhan Yıldız  – March 26, 2020

Istanbul (Anadolu)In the statement made by Halkbank, there were no trades of credit and bail cooperatives (Tradesmen and Artisans’ Cooperatives) that were used within the scope of the Tradesmen Support Package developed by Halkbank to support the activities of tradesmen and craftsmen in the fight against the coronavirus ( Kovid-19 ) outbreak. The artisans reportedly applied it directly by the bank.

In the statement, however, it is stated that, if tradesmen and craftsmen with ESKKK bail loan balance demand, they can use ESKKK bail loan limit gaps with the same interest rate and the same conditions and the interest rate of this loan is the same as the loans granted with ESKKK bail.

Defer to existing installments for 3 months

Halkbank’s description Kovid-19 damaged due to an outbreak of jobs and Turkey were recorded as follows regarding the postponement of loan payments artisans and tradesmen operating in general:

“The Resolution of the President of 2283 on the postponement of the installments of interest-backed loans that were used by our tradesmen and artisans from our bank before 31 March 2020 in the 3-month period between 1 April and 30 June 2020 for 3 months without interest, In accordance with the decision, if our tradesmen and craftsmen demand the installment payments that will be due in the 3-month period from April 1 to June 30, 2020, our Bank will be postponed for 3 months without interest. ”

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