Coronavirus: Italy reports largest daily jump with 793 deaths

European country remains to record highest death toll with over 4,800, as cases continue to rise amid stricter lockdown
Giada Zampano  – March 21, 2020
Coronavirus: Italy reports largest daily jump with 793 deaths

The latest figures provided by the Italian Civil Protection Department showed that the total number of cases in the country continues to grow, climbing 13% from Friday to reach 42,681.

The epicenter of the Italian outbreak remains the northern Lombardy region, which now counts 3,095 victims.

Following the urgent calls of local governors and mayors, the government approved more stringent rules late on Friday to avoid that citizens leave their homes violating the lockdown.

Under the new rules, all parks have been closed and travel to second holiday homes on weekends has been banned. Outdoor activities have also been further restricted, with jogging allowed only near home.

The army has started patrolling streets in a few regions, in the attempt to reduce infractions.

The virus officially known as COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan, China last December, and has spread to at least 167 countries and territories.

The World Health Organization, which labeled the outbreak a pandemic, declared Europe the new epicenter of it.

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