Switzerland, China, US main exporter countries to EU member states, says bloc’s statistical authority

Gokhan Ergocun – November 18, 2019

ISTANBUL (Anadolu) – The EU member countries’ antibiotics imports from the non-EU countries in 2018 were €2.87 billion ($3.38 billion) while extra-EU antibiotics exports were €1.8 billion ($2.12 billion).

Last year, Switzerland was the main origin of imported antibiotics with €1.12 billion ($1.3 billion) while China ($778 million), and the U.S. ($708 million) followed it, according to the bloc’s statistical office on Monday.

During 2018, the 28-member union produced €2.97 billion ($3.5 billion) of antibiotics and exported €3.03 billion ($3.57 billion) of them — including intra-EU trade.

The union’s total antibiotics imports — including intra and extra trade — were €5.03 billion ($5.93 billion) in the last year.

Germany was the largest importer with €710 million ($837.8 million) while Italy was the biggest exporter by selling antibiotics worth €440 million ($519 million) in 2018

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