Peshawar police to put criminal record on their website

 October 05, 2019

PESHAWAR: The provincial capital’s police have decided to put their criminal record on their official website to be launched next week.

Capital City Police Officer Mohammad Karim Khan told Dawn that the city’s police had developed their website and were likely to launch it by Tuesday (Oct 8).

Mr Karim said in addition to regular feature, the website would have criminal data and a section for the residents to share information about criminals and criminal groups without being identified.

“These two features are the crux of the city police’s website,” he said.

The CCPO said the city police’s information technology wing had put up the website without seeking any additional funds.

He said one of the website’s main features was the Crime Eye section, which would have the data of criminals, including their pictures, the serial numbers of FIRs registered against them, sections of the law under which they were charged, and their residential addresses.

Mr Karim said people would have an access be every section and would be able to learn about see the people wanted and charged in cases of extortion, terrorism, kidnapping, land grabbing, sexual assault, smuggling, mugging, robbery, car theft and other offences.

He said the sharing of the pictures of criminals online would help deter crime in society.

The CCPO said initially, the data of around 26,000 outlaws would be uploaded on the website, while more such information would be added to the database afterward.

He said the data to be uploaded on the website had been compiled by the police investigation branch’s criminal record office, which held all information about crimes and investigations.

“We have so far compiled the criminals’ data until 2016 and will gradually put such records from the past online,” he said.

Mr Karim said the website would also have a public information network section, where the residents could anonymously share tips-offs and other details about criminals and criminal activities in any part of the city with the police anonymously, and only few people besides the city police chief would have access to that.

He said if a tip-off turned out to be true, the person would be entitled to cash prize and could claim it on the website.

“This system will make it easier for people to share information with the police without being identified and coming into direct contact with anyone,” he said.

The CCPO said the police would investigate all tip-offs shared on their website.

He said the people would also be able to download apps, including SOS call service, hotel watch, and police app.

“The news section will carry reports and pictures about activities and press releases of the city police to update people,” he said.


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