Nasir Munir optimist to get recognition

News Alert Sports Correspondent

Islamabad: It is never too late is a saying that fits in many a case. However this time it is Nasir Munir, a sportsman of his calibre and reputation who led Pakistan and the Pakistani leading organisations.
He represented Pakistan and his organisation in tennis. As a player he proved his remarkable position as tennis player. Still no recognition. As a leading Pakistani and international player projecting the name of Pakistan is hopeful that Pride of performance be awarded to him despite last year he was close to get the recognition. But may be for some political reasons by the present government, however his performance has not been political but in sports. He deserves the award and reward by Pakistan.
He represented in Wimbledon in junior team and even go Asian games silver medal in 1974. With such a unique performance he still being ignored by the government of Pakistan. Social and sports ciecles believe that our national heros must not be neglected at any sphere rather be acknowledged at all levels. He led Pakistani team in 1990 in Davis Cup and in 1996 Nasir was the captain of Pakistan in Asian games in Bangkok in 1998. He was a competitor in the 75 Anniversary of ITC Great Britain’s Wimbledon in 1999. Nasir Munir was winner of men’s doubles in 35 ctegory and finalist in men’s doubles in 45 category.


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