Annexation of Kashmir and Jammu in to Mainland India Israeli plan is in execution by India

Special Report by News Alert Live

This is what the Israeli leadership has been doing annexing the Palestine in to state of Israel, an illegitimate birth in the main land, now India has did the same. It has proven that the Indian government led by extremist Modi follows the suit of Israel.
One can not ignore what is going to happen in Kashmir with the people there, however the atrocities and Hiduvata excesses against Muslims in India are now becoming unbearable, observations from Indian Muslims conveyed here.
The state of situation and law and order has gone very unprecditable. Modi and BJP RSS alliance would lead to a big crisis, one could not just ignore. The article 370 of the Indian constitution has been scrapped and special status of Jammu & Kashmir has been done away with.

NDTV reports:
Article 370 of the Constitution, which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir, has been removed, Home Minister Amit Shah said in parliament today, adding that President Ram Nath Kovind had signed an order that would come into force “at once”. The announcement came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting of his cabinet at his house this morning. Jammu and Kashmir will also be “reorganised,” said the Home Minister, with the state’s bifurcation into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
Amid massive protests by the opposition in parliament and parties in Jammu and Kashmir, the centre has moved 8,000 paramilitary troops from different parts of the country to Kashmir, sources say.

The step would also mean revocation of a bar on property purchases by people from outside the state. Such plans have in the past provoked warnings of a backlash in Kashmir.
The law had also reserved state government jobs for residents, as well as college places, in an effort to keep the state from being overrun by people from the rest of India.
Following the revocation of Article 370, the Indian Army and Indian Air Force have been put on high alert.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right-wing ruling party had pushed for an end to Kashmir’s special constitutional status, arguing that such laws had hindered its integration with the rest of India.
Earlier during the parliament session, Shah had urged members of parliament to discuss the legislation that seeks to end the autonomous status for Muslim-majority Kashmir..
“It is a wrong notion that Kashmir is with India because of Article 370 and not because of the letter of accession signed in 1947. No step has been taken in the past because of vote bank politics, but we are not bothered about the vote bank. We should not waste even a second to remove Article 370. We are ready for debate and voting on this issue. Let the House debate,” said Shah.
Shah, who is also the president of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made the announcement during an address at the Rajya Sabha (the upper house of the Indian parliament) which caused a ruckus. Indian Prime Minister Modi was also in attendance.
Unprecedented lockdown
Earlier, Modi held a security cabinet meeting, hours after his government ordered a lockdown in occupied Kashmir, cutting phone and internet links and putting local politicians under house arrest.
A massive law and order and anti Muslim riots are not being ignored and may lead to a big test for Trump asking for meditation.

New Delhi has claimed the sweeping clampdown, enforced by tens of thousands of military reinforcements, was needed because of the “prevailing law and order situation”.
All phones, internet services and cable networks were snapped at midnight in the region of more than seven million people following days of soaring tensions.
Only residents with a “curfew pass” were allowed on the streets.
NDTV, one of the rare broadcasters able to transmit from the main city Srinagar, showed empty streets dominated by security forces.

epa02663247 Pakistani soldiers during military exercises in Khudai Range, near Muzaffargarh, Pakistan on 31 March 2011. Troops exhibited their skill, during the exercises. The aim of the exercise is to provide a tactical environment for the troops of Armour and Artillery and Infantry for handling weapons and equipment. EPA/MK CHAUDHRY

Indian move in Kashmir

Here are the 10 latest developments in this big story:
Article 370 gives Jammu and Kashmir its own constitution and decision-making rights for all matters barring defence, communications and foreign affairs.
The removal of this part of the constitution ends special status for Kashmir, which was key to its accession to India in 1947.
Article 370 made it necessary for the centre to get the state legislature’s approval for introducing any policies or constitutional powers to the state.
Jammu and Kashmir will cease to be a state and become two union territories with two Lieutenant Governors. Ladakh will be a Union Territory without a legislature and Jammu and Kashmir will have a legislature.
The government’s huge step comes after a massive build-up of troops in the sensitive Kashmir Valley and a night where senior leaders including former Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were placed under house arrest.
Internet and phone lines have been forced out of service in parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of paramilitary troops have been sent to Kashmir after the government said it was cancelling the Amarnath Yatra, an annual pilgrimage, and asked tourists and outsiders to leave the state.
The cabinet met this morning at the home of PM Modi after which all ministers and the PM moved to parliament for Amit Shah’s big announcement.
All educational institutions and offices are closed and groups have been banned from gathering in Kashmir and Jammu.
Arun Jaitley, however, said in tweets: “A historical wrong has been undone today. Article 35A came through the back door without following the procedure under Article 368 of the Constitution of India. It had to go.”
Omar Abdullah said: “The government of India (GOI)’s unilateral and shocking decisions today are a total betrayal of the trust that the people of Jammu & Kashmir had reposed in India when the State acceded to it in 1947. The decisions will have far-reaching and dangerous consequences. This is an aggression against people of the State as had been warned by an all-parties meeting in Srinagar yesterday.”


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