Indian terrorism in AJK Five jawans martyred

Rawalpindi, 3 July 2019:- Explosive blast in Barnala, AJ&K, Chamb Sector few meters from LOC. 5 Pakistan Army soldiers embraced shahdat while one got injured. Nature of blast being ascertained. The incident is evident of state sponsored terrorism by India violating bilateral ceasefire agreement and the international rules. Shaheed include;
1. Subedar Muhammad Sadiq,
Service 23 years, age 44 years, 3 sons and and 2 daughters r/o village Bandi P/O Jura, Teh Authmaqam & Distt Neelam.
2. Sepoy Muhammamd Tayyab, Service 5 years, age 26 years, Married, r/o village Surakhi, Teh and Distt Khushab.
3. Nk Sher Zaman, service 13 years, age 36 years, Married , 2 sons and 2 daughters, r/o village Shamashaki Distt karak.
4. Sep Zohaib, Service 7 months, age 20 years, married r/o village Nandi Nar Ghamir Manhdala, Teh Hajira and Distt Poonch .
5. Sep Ghulam Qasim, service 1 year, age 22 years, unmarred r/o Village Sahiwal, Tehsil Sahiwal and Distt Sargodha.


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