PM inquiry commission is a political stunt – Hashmat Habib advocate

Nasir Mahmood

He said Imran Khan’s brainchild Commission of Inquiry to probe loans obtained by Zardari and Nawaz Sharif Governments do not fall within purview of Pakistan Commission of inquiry Act 2017. However, it may secure political mileage to confuse public.

Hashmat Habib, a senior lawyer of Supreme Court further stated that Terms of Reference can’t be coined because straightway cases of misappropriation of funds can be investigated. Ministry of finance possesses all details of loans received during 10 years and also its utilization.

Misappropriation is an offence & instead of wasting time in formation of commission of inquiry, investigation should be commenced after lodging the FIRs. Already this exercise is on by NAB & FIA, he said.

Hashmat Habib said the commission of inquiry is always constituted if a matter of public importance is not redressed. Therefore, don’t waste national exchequer on political stunt causing irreparable loss as stupidity is not a tool to resolve issues.

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