TV host Iqrarul Hassan assaulted in Lahore’s DHA

Web Desk -December 12, 2020

Television host Syed Iqrarul Hassan was assaulted on Saturday by “unknown individuals” – who also resorted to aerial firing – in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA), police said.

Taking to Twitter, Hassan shared pictures of himself with a blood stain on his face and said the assailants fled while firing.

“Attack by ‘na-maloom afraad’ in front of a police station at Lahore’s K block, DHA. They fled while firing,” he wrote.

Lahore Capital City Police Officer Umar Sheikh (CCPO) took notice of the attack and gave orders to start immediate proceedings to capture the assailants, according to a statement from his office.

“Legal action should be taken against those involved in the incident,” Sheikh was quoted as saying.

Following the city police chief’s orders, Lahore Cantt Superintendent of Police (SP) Saeed Aziz took immediate action after which some individuals were apprehended.

SP Aziz said the incident happened near Wateen Chowk and that “four people have been arrested by the Defence police.” He said a police team had already been tasked with arresting the remaining perpetrators and they will soon provided an update.

Punjab chief minister’s focal person for digital media, Azhar Mashwani, also announced on Twitter that seven individuals had been arrested in connection with the incident. “Police is investigating the matter and further action will be taken accordingly,” he wrote.

Police said they had taken over custody of the incident’s CCTV footage and that they are going to file cases against the perpetrators under anti-terrorism laws.

Later in the day, Hassan posted on Twitter once again, assuring his followers that he was fine. He said “police had already alerted their control rooms about the aerial firing of the attackers. The police have taken the recording of the attack in their custody. Legal proceedings will be initiated against the attackers under firing and anti-terrorism laws.”

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