Complete ban on Ashura processions in Occupied Kashmir

NNR/Zunera – September 10, 2019

In Occupied Kashmir, normal life came to a standstill on the 37th consecutive day, today, as curfew and other restrictions have been further intensified to prevent Ashura processions in the territory.

No one is allowed to venture out in Srinagar, Badgam and other areas of the occupied territory to prevent any procession.

Even journalists, government employees and those having valid passes issued by the authorities are not allowed to come out of their houses.

Srinagar city and adjoining areas are completely sealed with concertina wires.

All markets are closed, transport is off the road, while TV channels are also closed since August 5 due to communication blackout.

Curfew and restrictions have caused acute shortage of essential commodities including medicines.

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