American support for Qadianees unacceptable to Pakistan – Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia has urged the government to adopt Islamic system, western Surkhab ignorant of Quran & Sunnah were unable to do well. He was reacting to a video on social media about briefing report made by American foreign department’s ambassador at large Dr. Samuel Brownback before US elected representatives.

Brownback disclosed that Pakistan is put on a list of the countries that were against religious independence. According to him Pakistan has continued to act upon the blasphemy laws; which is point of concern for us, we want to end such laws from all over the world. Half of the blasphemy prisoners all over the world are in Pakistan jails, he alleged. They are not letting Ahmedis to preach. Ahmedis are also not allowed to declare themselves as ‘Muslim’ in this country. There are still religious riots occurred in Pakistan, he claimed. However, the new government is strictly handling this issue and recently it had arrested the protestors who were objecting on release of a prisoner of blasphemy case. This govt. has reiterated to change the situation that is healthy sign, Samuel Brownback added.

Hashmat Habib said this statement

confirms that incumbent govt. is installed under an international agenda and it is vastly moving to fulfill those motives. It must be made clear that religious sections could not be removed or altered from the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Many attempts were made earlier in this regard but failed. Similarly, Imran Khan and his collaborators would also be failed since Pakistan was created on the basis of “La Ilaha Illallah”. This is kind gift from Allah Ta’ala and it will remain In Sha Allah. Hence, a minimum punishment of death penalty is already fixed in the law for any blasphemy attack against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic Shariat Court has already issued the judgment in this regard.

He said our courts were still following western model of “Qanoon-e-Shahadat” in Islamic system. This is wrong, our judges must be aware of Islamic history and Islamic laws including basic love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this regard there is no immunity for anyone.

The senior lawyer further said; since foreign countries were investing on certain NGOs and govt. functionaries in Pakistan these fools have full reliance on such aids while more than half of the amounts are already swallowed by such aid and loan giving countries. Hence, we should take stern action against the officials of other countries that were interfering in our religious affairs and policies. They should know that Qadianees were neither Muslims nor any sect of Islam. They were exclusively none-believers on Islamic faith just like any other nation. Hence, their rights were fully respected and protected in Pakistan as a none-Muslim fraternity. Therefore, any international propaganda in this regard should be condemned and refuted with full force. Our religious parties should take the task very seriously if govt. is not interested in fulfilling its due responsibility.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahafuz e Adlia commenting on IMF Package said under the garb of stabilizing the economy it is a false device because the interest (soud) is prohibited and declared war against Allah and Prophet (S.A.W). He added that IMF Loan is a mouse trap rather success; to make us slave because interest based loans cannot bring prosperity except deteriorating economy further.

Even in day to day dealing if any business is commenced on interest based loan it is always failure and many families come on roads. No one can win this war so Govt is not exempted. The World is returning to interest free economy. Hashmat Habib said to uplift economy was not a Rocket Science. Get decision of Soud case pending with Federal Shariat Court and on the basis of judicial authority refuse to pay Soud on international loans and circular debts. Renegotiate loans and investigate IPPs Contracts. The matter will be over. He said there is no other remedy to meet this challenge.

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