Bizarre: 29 tonnes of carrots dumped on a street in London

A truckload of 29 tonnes of carrots was dumped outside a London university as an art installation highlighting food wastage.

Surprised by the unusual sight outside Goldsmiths College in New Cross, which is part of the University of London, people shared photos and videos of the heap of carrots on social media platforms.

“Does anyone know why a significant volume of carrots has just been dumped on Goldsmiths university campus?” tweeted a journalist, George Greenwood while sharing a picture of the street.

After the tweet went viral, the university in its response said that the heap of carrots was part of an art installation by a student.

“It is an installation called ‘Grounding’ by the artist and MFA student Rafael Perez Evans. His work is part of Goldsmiths’ MFA degree show. Rafael has arranged for the carrots to be removed at the end of the exhibition and donated to farm animals,” it tweeted.

The artist, Evans said: “The produce in the piece are unwanted carrots. Carrots that the food industry in the UK deems not worthy of shelves. The full 29 tonnes of vegetables will be collected after the exhibition and sent to feed animals.”

Netizens slammed the carrot pile as an “appalling waste of perfectly edible food.” A musical theatre student, Eden Groualle  described the installation as “very bizarre.” However, others supported the artwork, saying that the carrots used were indeed rejected by the food industry.

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