NED students devise cybersecurity system for capital markets

KARACHI: A private company with the aid of NED University in Karachi has prepared a sophisticated cyber-security software which can detect dubious and abnormal activities in the financial systems.

The National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) organized a cybersecurity seminar in the renowned NED engineering university of Karachi today which the Consul General of Turkey attended alongside a range of information technology experts.

NCCPL with the help of young engineers of NED universities laid out a cybersecurity system to protect capital markets in its first phase. It will detect the anomalies and discrepancies in the system and will serve as a firewall against cyber threats to the markets.

The system laid out by the team, the technology experts noted, will hike cybersecurity of the systems and will protect them against thefts, malware and unwarranted break-ins.

Experts added that this step will not only further secure the capital markets but will also equip Pakistani technological arena to prevail on the lines of the international scene.

Turkish Consul General, addressing the seminar, commended the successful completion of the security system and Pakistani developments in the information technology field.

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