Will public meetings’ data if coerced, Rasheed warns Bilawal

Web Desk – Updated September 24, 2020

RAWALPINDI: Responding to the criticism levelled by Bilawal Bhutto, the Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed said on Wednesday that he would reveal the details of all the meetings of opposition parties with the army if pushed to the corner.

Talking to ARY News, Sheikh Rasheed challenged all the opposition leaders to deny their meetings with the Army brass and said neither Bilawal nor Fazal-ur-Rehman and all the others could claim never meeting them.

The federal minister warned that if the opposition does not stop levelling criticism at him, he will wash their dirty laundry in public, referring to the meetings the opposition leaders have held with military leadership and added that he will public the contents of those meetings as well.

Rasheed said meeting the Army Chief of Pakistan has nothing to be suspicious about and that all those criticizing him were also present in the meeting, too. He asked whether did he say something strange or bizarre which caused the uproar.

He shamed the opposition for their ‘duplicity’ and said their statements change while they are on-camera from those when off-camera. He remarked that being born in noble families doesn’t naturally makes one noble, responding to his verbal feud Bilawal Bhutto.

He said it is strange that critics are over-hyping the meeting with the Army Chief whilst he considered it an honor to meet the COAS. He counselled them to exercise caution otherwise, he said, he would reveal the details which will astound them.

On the assertions of Peoples Party chairman Bilawal, Rasheed said that Bilawal thinks he doesn’t want to meet us, however, he should know that we will not meet him ourselves, to begin with.

He claimed that often when he went to meet the military leadership, he found Bilawal already present there.

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