IBA under CM Sindh deteriorates

Muhammad Yahya – September 19, 2020

Islamabad – The most prestigious higher education seat of learning, IBA, Institute of Business Administration whose new director Dr Akbar Zaidi will get 3 million rupees with benefits, perks and benefits including Rs. 2.5 million salary. Appointed by Sindh CM Murad Shah, Zaidi known to be a leftist, comrade and progressive business writer mostly living in the US has got back to be the head of IBA, a US institution of highest stature by Pennsylvania University in Gen. Ayub era.

With many fluctuations it saw in the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto taking action against Dr I. A. Mukhtar, a well known director of early 70s and later a long serving Director and head Dr Abdul Wahab, but IBA now is no more an institution of class that has been surpassed by LUMS in all respects. Lately Mr Danish and, Dr Farrukh Iqbal too did their best yet political control, introducing 18th Amendment too played a negative role in education and institutes of IBA caliber.

IBA Under Threat from PPP

(yet another prime institute to be destroyed) By a concerned IBA Alumni
For every IBA graduate the fond memories start from the moment he or she sits in that gut-wrenching exam. Many prepare for months. The selection process does not end by just giving an exam. It continues into group interviews, group discussions and perhaps more. This gives a graduate pride in getting selected into one of the most reputable institute the nation has today. Over 10,000 Alumni work globally and locally and promote nation’s interests and its reputation. All alumnus would tell you the grilling and the discipline IBA instilled in

their graduates that you see some of us leading the way reaching to becoming President, Prime Minister and other Senior Positions even in the government. Apart from this many CEO’s of present and past have been associated with the same. All of them managed to reach due to the foundation the institute provide to us. This write up is not just to boast about IBA but to bring to notice the severe issue that the institute faces today and may result in decline of the premium institute of the nation. Let me tell you how?

Dr. Abdul Wahab

IBA’s strength has been that it has been kept aloft of any political interference but what I am going to tell you now would give you a sense that how a particular political party is gripping IBA into its choke hold like they have done with all the other institutes in their province. Yes, do not be surprised it is PPP. Since IBA do not admit people on phone calls or recommendations and having hijacked all government jobs in the province. They now have their eyes set on one of the prized possessions the city of Karachi is left with. Now, I don’t need to say that which ever institute came under PPP influence has been destroyed let it be PIA or Pakistan Steel Mills or Hospitals and we don’t need to say much the poor condition of the institutes or universities in the interior Sindh. In their last many years of power, they have not given a single University or Hospital of world-renowned level to their voters. So instead of providing for them they plan to destroy the only institute where they could not force their quota system, influence, threats or in short, an opportunity to give seats by earning money. The systematic way of how they have started their grip started a few years ago after the passing of the 18th amendment where the Chief Minister who is coincidentally is of PPP became the patron of all universities inclusive of IBA. Before, I place the timeline. I must ask the question that why not one of the best institutes of Pakistan deserves the best. I would not mind if the names I am going to write below are high achievers, but you would see and smell the stench of ethnicity and PPP written all over these appointments:

– Dr Wajid Ali Rizvi from Khairpur made in charge of Direct MBA program in 2014-15. Sources say that there was too much pressure at that time to get him appointed.
– Head of HR placed Mr. Mashooq Ali Bhatti (graduated from Hyderabad) who worked for Deloitte in 2018. He was appointed on recommendation of Mr. Asad Ali Shah who is also son of Qaim Ali Shah.

– Then Mr. Asad Ali Shah is made part of the Academic board of IBA. Do I need to say which party Qaim Ali Shah belongs to?
– Then earlier this year IBA sees appointment of Dr. Akbar S Zaidi. Now Mr. Zaidi was hired under influence of CM and exceptional packages and concessions were allowed that Mr. Zaidi continued to hold positions at Columbia University USA whilst holding position at IBA as well. Those who know Mr. Zaidi knows his old political affiliations. Now needless to mention that Mr. Zaidi sinceh his appointment without using pseudo has written two articles known at least against the current government including the establishment.

– Once Mr. Zaidi was on boarded. We see appointment of Ms. Naheed Shah Durrani (sister of above mentioned Asad Ali Shah and the well-known Qaim Ali Shah. Her husband also belongs to PPP). No exemplary educational background.

– Dr. Samreen Hussein, who is shown as the acting VC of Begum Nusrat university of Sindh. Well let me tell you she is also wife of Dr. Asim Hussein. Do I need to say who he is?
– Dr. Fateh Muhammad Barfat. Who does not know him that perhaps there are still corruption cases against him and was the prime candidate of PPP to be appointed as Chancellor of Sindh? University?

– Ms. Roohi Mandviwala who is attached to Indus Academy, but we all know who Mandviwalas are attached with as a family politically.

– Then there is Mr. Riazuddin who is a Sindh Government employee and we know who rules Sindh Government.

– The ex-offico Board members includes VC of KU, Chairman HEC, President Federation of Chambers of Commerce, President Karachi Chambers of Commerce and one honorable judge from Sindh High Court. This makes it 5 ex-offico board members which means that their presence is notional.

– The above count of 6 Board members of PPP influence leaves 2 board members of which one is the Global IBA Alumni representative and there is one ex Alumni on the board. These board members most of them have been lately hired on recommendation of Mr. Zaidi who got hired under whose influence. – CM Sindh who is of PPP too.

Now compare that with LUMS which has the board consisted of 5 educationists, 6 businessmen, 2 business professionals, 2 lawyers, 1 judge, Zero Bureaucrat and Zero Politicians. On the contrary IBA has at least 5 PPP members on the board giving Mr. Zaidi benefit of doubt.

Looks like the choke hold of PPP on IBA is complete. I would like to give the same example which their leader once gave which is “The cat has been assigned to protect the bowl of milk”. We do not need to debate the disaster PPP is when it comes to any institute and instead of alleviating interior Sindh to the levels of Karachi or Lahore or Islamabad. They have reversed everything. Being an IBA graduate who has been trained to plan for mitigating risks. I could not keep quiet for 2 or 3 years for them to destroy this institute but raise my concerns now.

1. Now, the first thing which raise my eyebrows was that the way admission procedure followed this year. Though opposed by many faculties and concerned. IBA under orders from Dr. Zaidi conducted admission procedure doing an online interview based on a Self-Description submitted by candidates. That is, it. I related to you the effort we all had to go through. Further, no criteria were gotten approved on the basis on which the panel would select. Admissions were given. Being under influence of PPP I already smell a big fat rat and I would request HEC and the government as grant comes from the federal government to investigate this and screen candidates again since now tests can be taken. Otherwise, be ready to await premium institution getting destroyed. Also, just in case since PPP is involved check some bank accounts to see if admissions got sold due to such a lax process.

2. Recently, a big fraud embezzlement case against one “Mr. Brohi” who was found guilty of embezzling PKR 50.0 Mn over 5 years under transport bills or expenses is said to be hired back.

Though the money is lost. Many in the faculty are not happy. Why is he not in jail and brought back instead?

3. Reports of favoritism on hiring of faculties ignoring the talented Alumnus as well as professionals is coming from the same concern.

4. Mr. Zaidi continual criticism of Pakistan Government and its Establishment is also of a concern as I would not like my Alma Mater to become a platform for Establishment bashing. Either Mr. Zaidi stop his bashing and if he does not want to continue doing it after leaving IBA.
I am sure this is just a tip of the iceberg. I would request the government to do the following:

1. Removal of CM Sind as Patron of IBA
2. No Political affiliated member to be on the board.
3. Appointment of Dr. Zaidi to be re-evaluated.
4. Investigate recent admission process
5. HEC led Audits and penalties if violations found
6. NAB investigation of some of the board members
Knowing PPP there would always be skeletons in the closet. My only concern is that I do not want my Alma mater to become a bane of joke in the future and Karachi loses its prime asset due to PPP mindset of thievery and corruption. I hope, Federal government of PTI which has 14 MNA’s from Karachi would take a stand and save it from going down the drain.

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