Police to audit security measures in place around capital

Web Desk – July 01, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The police on Tuesday decided to audit security measures already in place in the capital.

In light of the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Waqaruddin Syed told all zonal superintendents of police (SP) that security should be on red-alert in their respective areas, which increased patrolling and vigilance.

He also ordered strict checks at points of exit and entry into the city.

The security audit will be carried out by officials from the Operations Division, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and Special Branch, police said. It will cover important locations including the Supreme Court, Islamabad High Court, Parliament, Parliament Lodges, Minister’s Enclave, district and session courts, government offices, foreign missions within and outside the Red Zone and universities.

The audit will identify shortages and loopholes in security measures and recommend ways to address them. Factors that will be considered include the number of officials stationed at the location, walk-through gates, CCTV cameras, patrolling around buildings and pickets.

Officials will also identify sites where police pickets may be required, and the number of pickets in the capital will likely increase.

Mr Syed said that in light of the attack in Karachi, the police are conducting meetings with other security agencies and making plans for greater security in the capital.

The decision to conduct the security audit was made during a meeting led by Mr Syed and attended by the superintendents of all four zones – SP (Industrial Area) Zubair Ahmed Sheikh, SP (City) Mohammad Omer Khan, SP (Rural) Malik Naeem Iqbal and SP (Saddar) Sarfaraz Ahmed Virk – along with Senior Superintendent of Police (CTD) Dr Syed Mustafa Tanveer, Additional SP Farhat Abbas Kazmi, and SP (CTD) Farooq Amjad.

During the meeting the DIG also directed to all police officials to contribute to improving overall security of the city.

He said security should be heightened at weekly markets, hospitals, commercial centres, seminaries, motels, schools, colleges and bus stands, and the installation of CCTV cameras, the deployment of security guards and the use of metal detectors should be ensured there.

Mr Syed said that police will set up surprise pickets in parts of the city to increase vigilance. He directed all SPs to check hotels, guesthouses and inns and verify their records of visitors.

He also asked officials to maintain a record of Islamabad residents who live in slum areas.

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