NAB chairman Javed Iqbal abusing power with malice – Hashmat Habib

The place of a judge is very high if he administers justice he’s remembered always with praise otherwise as Satan. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia analyzing the present wave to arrest opposition leaders by NAB said.

He said that former Judge Javed Iqbal if failed to do fair but act at the behest of Masters his name will be placed in the line of Saqib Nisar responsible for creating the present horrible situation. The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said in the presence of five judges’ decision act of NAB is not legal but abuse of power with malice at whose behest Imran Khan or invisibles or both but Historians are cruel to drag responsible to face the music of the history.

Hashmat Habib said invisibles are flaring up the debate regarding NAB as tool of Imran Khan or others, however, the result will be same i.e. complete disaster of system. He said Javed Iqbal should change his mindset and act in accordance with NAB laws strictly which are not injurious to the welfare of the society based on judicial system.

He recalled the spirit of NA Ordinance is to provide for effective measures for the detection, investigation, prosecution and speedy disposal of cases, involving corruption, corrupt practices, misuse and abuse of powers or authority, misappropriation of property, taking of kick backs, commissions and other matters.

Hashmat Habib disclosed the allegation of holding assets beyond means attracts special law of anti-corruption and NAB has no authority to interfere in the jurisdiction of FIA. He said Chairman NAB has been given power to arrest any accused person that is subject to Superior Courts Judgment.

He referred a judgment reported as 2014 SCMR 1762 by five judges prohibits that even in cases of most heinous offences the police was under no statutory obligation to necessarily and straight away arrest an accused person during investigation as long as he was joining the investigation and was cooperating.

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