CJP must pursue the true spirit of Islamic Oath for constitutional posts – Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia (TTA) has seconded the appeal made by well renowned Naat-khuwan Siddique Ismail to Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed to take Suo motu action against the conspiracy to induct Qadianis/Ahmedis in Minority Commission during a TV program.

Hashmat Habib recalled that under the chair of Imran Khan a decision taken to treat Qadianis/Ahmedis a minority like others is not ignorance of the sensitive issue but in fact it is a deep conspiracy which is going on since 1973 when Qadianis/Ahmedis were declared non-Muslims but the status of Qadianis/Ahmedis or their belief was not settled as zandeek having no right to live as Muslim.

The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said if CJP takes Suo motu action it should be dug out in deep and clean the ministry of law from Qadianis/Ahmedis and also cabinet from such elements or at least remove them from the position of draftsmen and translators. Hashmat Habib said when objective resolution was made part of the constitution under Article 2(a) this group cunningly omitted word “freely” from objective resolution which was inserted by 18th amendment similarly this is done in Urdu translation of the Oath.

Hashmat Habib disclosed that in the Oath of Acting President words are introduced that he will act as president but practically the Oath prescribed for president is not taken by the acting president which gives an entry to non-Muslims to act as president which is unconstitutional. He said judiciary is also responsible that such Oath is inbuilt in their own Oath.

It may be mentioned here that the oath of President includes that “I do solemnly swear that I am a Muslim and believe in the Unity and Oneness of Almighty Allah, the Books of Allah, the Holy Qur’an being the last of them the Prophet hood of Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) as the last of the Prophets and that there can be no Prophet after him, the Day of judgment, and all the requirements and teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah:”

But amazingly the oath of the acting president does not include the above vital commitment. The judgments of single judges are absolutely wrong because unless Oath is taken no one can function on a constitutional Job. In view of these facts a thorough survey should be conducted in all departments including Armed Forces and Judiciary to find out the Qadianis/Ahmedis when they adopt any name for their zandeek group they may be given rights available to minorities. Government should trace the Qadianis/Ahmedis and place them as such by mentioning their zandeek belief in national identity cards etc., Hashmat Habib added.

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