Superior courts Judges must maintain the code of conduct – Hashmat Habib

April 24, 2020

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Adlia has reminded the Judges of superior courts to act as per code of conduct, uncalled for awarding fine to litigants and making efforts to stop namaz in Supreme Court premises posing as secular and obedient to measures proposed by so called WHO.

He said panic spread by media under international conspiracy must be curbed by government otherwise anxiety and fake death toll will cause horrible disaster and complete collapse of economy. He expressed his astonishment over the news that ruling party in Sindh government was deliberately expanding the lockdown in Karachi just to mint money from traders and industrialists while black-mailing the center to waive off corruption cases against its leadership.           

The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said it is now open secret that under a conspiracy panic is created and fake propaganda is being done to spread fear of death, anxiety, dizziness and other psychological ailments by lockdown. He said it is belief of every Muslim that no one would live moment beyond the fixed date of his departure. All print and electronic media should censor the news, fake or correct, discussions and unnecessary dialogues. Coronavirus is a pandemic it can only finish when Allah wish. All people must realise this fact, repent to Almighty Allah and pray forgiveness of sins committed openly or secretly. Eliminate Riba in all forms, nib the evil of Qadianis, close all NGOs responsible for promoting anti-Islamic activities in bud, give shut-up call to secular forces and ban all such activities injurious to Islamic way of life.

Hashmat Habib said lockdown is not a successful measure to control Coronavirus because ground realities of living standards are hurdle in its implementation. He said more than 80% of the population is living in tiny abodes such as mud houses, huts, and 1-2 room apartments with whole family and they cannot maintain distance as per requirement of WHO. On the other hand lockdown has threatened disaster to the economy.

He said government with active assistance of experts should re-visit decision of lockdown and unnecessary restrictions in various trades be removed urgently. He said Coronavirus has also surfaced Ulema-e-Sou who supports the factors in the government which has even failed to nib activities of the Qadianis having backing of Jews and anti Islamic forces. Unless we quit activities opposed to Quran-o-Sunnah we cannot expect that Allah will accept our repentance.


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