Tiger force creation is a stupid idea causing unrest – Hashmat Habib

The stupid idea of tiger force if not dropped it may outbreak physical violence endangering the unity of nation. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia viewed the situation created by decision of tiger force being opposed by opposition parties and social media.

He said to achieve objective of distributing cash amount or Ration, the idea of tiger force is not maintainable. There are already many factors to perform this assignment effectively. The senior lawyer said formation of tiger force if based on some other hidden objectives will cause further loss to exchequer on one hand and public condemnation not favorable to Imran Khan on the other.

Hashmat Habib said lock-down should be lifted forthwith however, public can take precautionary measures at their own. He said restriction on Jummah Prayer and five Ba-jamat Prayers is another cause to create law and order situation.

He said the remedy lies only in repentance otherwise the artificial measures will collapse the economy drastically. Devaluation of further eight rupees to dollar by Americans under fake corona threat is quite alarming. Govt should stop all channels from spreading fear otherwise it will turn true that we are heading towards becoming a slave nation. Interest based economy should be prohibited at the earliest and quickest, Hashmat Habib added.

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