Not a single Pakistani died due to Corona virus – Hashmat Habib

The Covid-19 is determined as pandemic and now it is irrelevant whether it was injected by America as war weapon or otherwise but remedy lies in repentance. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia urged that as per available data it is not medically dangerous to perform Jummah and 5 times Ba-jamat Namaz in fact it is absolutely baseless restriction and panic imposed by Govt with cooperation of religious scholars.

The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said that precautions are allowed in Islam and now the disinfection gates can be installed at Masajid, masks & sanitizers be checked at entrance. He said even otherwise it is not practicable that entire country is put under curfew or lockdown depriving the Muslims from Prayers. Govt must revisit this decision.

On Friday Islamabad administration cooperated with Jamia Masjid F-10/1 for Juma prayer when dis-effection gate was installed privately and precaution measures of screening, masks & sanitizer were taken. To some extent social distance was also maintained. It can be done throughout Pakistan.

Russian President’s disclosure and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s stand and revival of Jummah and Ba-jamat Namaz in Harem Sharif and Masjid Nabvi are proof of fact that we must repent our sins before Almighty Allah and pray for His blessings to get rid of this pandemic.

According to Hashmat Habib there is a message from abroad to be free of the panic and misunderstandings about this disease. A medical doctor in Italy has explained why sub-continental people have better immunity and that many patients in Italy/Europe are being labeled as dying due to Corona virus, even though they died to Ischemic Heart Disease or other illnesses.

Dr. Ahmad Bashir did his MBBS in 1996 from King Edward Medical College, Lahore and presently he is a Pulmonologist (specialist in diseases of the lungs). He is in Italy since 2002. After some years in Rome, he has been in Milan since last 12-13 years.

Since the Corona pandemic, he has been on duty in hospital. By telling the situation in Italy, he said: There is not an emergency in hospitals of Italy but a war like situation. Not only doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are on duty, but 2nd year medical students are also working around the clock there as doctors.

He said, “I don’t know what is the correct impression in the outside world, but I believe Italian government made a very bad crisis management probably because it wasn’t prepared for it. People may not believe me, but what I saw is as follows:

In Milan, no other patient besides Corona is being entertained. The other night, a 50 year old came with cardiac arrest in the emergency. Doctors gave him some tablets, even though he required a stent. He died after one hour. When his dead body went out, he was also declared as to have died of the corona virus. This is the normal routine everyday now. Two patients on dialysis were also labeled to have died due to the corona virus. The actual numbers of deaths due to the corona virus are very limited. Almost every dead body coming out of the hospital is being labeled as a corona patient.”

He further stated that one can verify all this from independent media. There are lots of people of the subcontinent here in Italy. To my knowledge not a single Indian or Pakistani died due to the Corona virus itself. I have told this to CureVac also. Common cold virus is being addressed differently in different regions. People of the Subcontinent including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, probably due to the dirty atmosphere have the common cold at an average of seven attacks per year as compared to three or less in other areas.

This may have been a blessing in disguise as this may have increased the immunity of the population in these areas. Many are showing genetic resistance or immunity to the virus. Even the people of the subcontinent born in Italy have shown better immunity among the overall Italian public. Because Pakistan is my home country, I am surprised at the panic there. From the behavioral studies of the virus, we can say that with the prevailing climate, atmosphere etc in Indo-Pak the natural cure is already there.

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