Economic Lockdown rising tensions,

By Prof Dr Abdul Jabbar khan
March 31, 2020

Heading to Economic Lockdown With rising tensions, no work, wheel getting jammed, every day essentials are not available in Karachi and elsewhere, big question here is whether Pakistan heading to an economic Lockdown. Obviously it will lead to deeper crisis and the pages of recent history show a riot scenario. Certainly we can not afford it.

The gate to a disused industrial building is barred, chained and locked.

Rrak residents have different difficult times while urban populace has unique situation. Suokt of help to over 50 percent poverty hit or vulnerable to poverty shocks will be dying and will they resist this closure. They are not allowed to go out. Edibles are not made available to them.

So the government is playing to the media tubes while federal government of Imran Ahmed Khan too is still planning for its Tiger force. Basic ground work, purchasing and packaging, info data, delivery will take more time.

The only solution is in their hands to solve through cash transfers. This scheme is good for poor and low income but what about white collar middle income. The team of economic managers in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore are from affluent class have absolutely no idea of poor.

Currency alone is nothing if there is no true purchasing value. See Italy. Streets of big cities show littered on and have thrown. When the life is in danger with no relief and essentials available then the cash has no real value. Mr PM impose economic emergencies across. Close these government high class bureaucracy consumption avenues.

Make a true socio-economic reflection through commune social distribution. Use not the capitalism approach, be like a socialist that the true sense of Islamic social justice. Equalities not discrimination.

Listen what a businessman in Lahore is saying. A big industry of Fridges and air-conditioning units. He has closed due to government policy. He has no money. Cash flow has to be given as and when Lockdown is lifted. Also see Ranzan is approaching fast and then..



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