‘The Global Disorder’

Still uncertainty prevails, How long, No one knows yet

By Prof Dr Abdul Jabbar Khan
March 29, 2020

As a very hot debate continues in terms of “Agenda-21” aimed at Reducing the Population amid ongoing biological warfare, Covid-19 in citation, the German provincial minister committed a suicide under pressure of increased deaths and casualties.

The Russian President referred it to say that he is keen to know what is happening in the world. What the leaders are upto. Meanwhile the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words: “Today, I am tired! Tired of everything. I want to address world leaders. ” What is happening to you? “What evil plan are you preparing?”

You are deliberately trying to reduce the population. And they are doing it at the cost of an innocent life. You powerful people of the world, I know your evil plans to reduce the population of the planet. But today, the “History will show you, leaders, that common sense is stronger.

We ask you to go back to your plan. * Today I stand here in peace, imploring that the minds of the young and the oppressed be left in peace. But take a firm step and show that I am aware of your plans. Your policies must change urgently. Your media must start telling the truth. America and Europe, if you do not end to your plans you will have to face not only the wrath of God, but also mine. Fatherland or death! Long live! Long live! Long live! “.

The world relations, economic pandemic, emerging recession, fears of unemployment are the sources of serious economic concerns and a state of uncertainty are all about causing frustration among the leading developed nations. Those who have sufficient resources are found more worried as this biological disease may spread further as clandestine as it has already surfaced in December 2019. So far the UN has not been actively engaged in G8 a global leaders in debate and discussing the origin of the pandemic.

The mere accusations between the US and China on coronavirus origin has not seen a tangible level, however the International Court of Justice had been moved with a 20 Trillion Dollar case against China. May be recalled that during the year 2019 US president had been quite aggressive against China on trade tariffs, tariff protection and duty issues. President Xi and Trump have had talks on trade dispute but nothing concluded good for the two, but issue of coronavirus latently surfaced that had brought down the world to its knees. Still uncertainty prevails, How long No one knows yet.

“Global Financial Reforms”

The ultimate solution to economic depression ahead, recession at hand needs a quick “Global Government” with the UN to reside and the G8 and G20 are among the member of executive council.

Having a pools of revival, food for hunger and in place the International Monetary Fund could be given a task of doubling the Special Drawing Rufhs on SDR pattern and individual country’s World Bank fund that would be of immense help and support.

Poor countries will have, a great booster in these areas whereas the international health and development fora are supporting platforms. There should be all deferred debts and loans for next 19 years so that they could resist the bump debt repayments.

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