Covid-19 industrial shutdown

Super store Imtiaz is sealed by order of Commissioner Karachi amid coronavirus epidemic.

By Dr Abdul Jabbar Khan

The closure in Karachi has to be rethink sooner it will be better, leading business owners have expressed their concern. Saying the nature has shown mercy as the weather is getting hotter and it is quite likelihood that the government will be able to open up business in next few days.

In Karachi the weather is good getting its temperature on gradual rise help to to harvesting of wheat crop as well as incidemce of new Covid-19 cases will get low.

Business losses will overall impact the gross national income. Though global recession is bound to hurt Pakistan economy as well, the economy with “resilience” can be accelerated in back of CPEC movement and other allied activities.

List of listed industrial units announcing closure

The businesses hinted that the Sindh CM Murad Shah should review the timing of markets fro morning to afternoon as he last year tried with new working hours, though that timing was opposed by markets traders and tajiran alliance.

Now they said the time is highly conducive for starting the business cycle with new early timings from 8 onward, as the Covid-19 conditions are getting better in next some days.

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