Prohibition of Ba-jammat prayer is a greater sin inviting wrath of Allah – Hashmat Hab

The remedy to eradicate Covid-19 lies in repentance and prayers in the house of ALLAH. Islamabad administration frustrated Jummah Prayers in spite of clear guidance by Federal Minister Noor ul Haq and religious scholars regarding observation of precautionary hygienic measures in masajid.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said the demand of Quran and Sunnah is clear it should be implemented in its true letter and spirit by banning un-Islamic appearance of anchors, closing the wine shops, banning gambling dens in all forms and also revisiting the decision regarding Jummah and Ba-jammat prayers otherwise we will lose the blessings of Almighty Allah and the steps to curb Covid-19 will not bring positive results.

The rulers should clearly announce whether they were remaining Muslim or they had quit this religion. He strongly condemned the move of administration to interfere in Jummah prayers by allowing only Imam, Moazan & Khudam. He said every Muslim observes hygienic measures as per acts of Prophet PBUH which are far superior to the WHO guidance. And Ba-jammat prayers were not forbidden even during the wars by Prophet PBUH when a man confronts death or killings anytime. How His followers could be restricted?   

The senior lawyer of Supreme Court said Covid-19 is a result of our sins like interest based economy, vulgarity, open disobeyance of Islamic teachings, misdeeds of foreign funded NGOs involved in implementing western agenda in the name of so called liberalism since last 73 years. If we do not follow the Islamic teaching sincerely we may be wiped out from the earth and replaced by better people as has already been warned by Allah in holy Quran and the history witnessed.

Hashmat Habib urged that Govt must ask Federal Shariat Court to decide on priority the pending case of interest (Sood) maintaining the decision that interest based economy is un-Islamic and prohibited by Allah. After court’s decision we can get rid of the foreign loans by re-negotiating it on non-interest basis mode and reconstruct our shattered economy. 

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