Talk on PM Media Talk (2).

By Prof Dr Abdul Jabbar khan
March 26, 2020

As it is not the issue of asking questions from Prime Minister by journalists, but the propaganda being carried out by some PTI workers can not be accepted by any forum, society or the media associations.

Mohammad Malik being a seasoned journalist or for that matter Rauf Klasra along with other journalists can not be denied their rights of professional journalism. Having said that the PTI government ministry of information and its officials should take responsibility for its debacle, critical questions or any “debate”. Responsible are those who decided to put briefing on air live. Unlike UK or the USA, countries like Pakistan always prefer to have press conference recorded by media. And if at all was not held at a public place, the PM house briefing was only covered by state PTV. No other TV channel was permitted to perform for coverage. As this battle is going in very bad taste the social media team of PTI should have the manners and limitations so that this conflict could be minimal.

The release of pictures of Mohammad Malik, formerly Jang, The News Staffer and PMLN appointee as MD PTV needs not to be publicly reprimanded in this tone as few are talking about. With this tale of a continuing conflict, one could see that the confrontation will last further. The Jang/Geo chief is under NAB investigation will be obviously getting bail in a day or two, yet there are indicators shunting out possible more tension between the two.

The responsibility should be fixed by PM within his government and not the anchors, news actors and journalists. In Pakistani media, unfortunately, there are paratroopers seen on TV screens, however seasoned professionals can not be suppressed by any simmering campaigns. No one would support it.

Caution is that the government, information ministry officials be more professionals than this ugly happening. Otherwise you could see it may be repeated in future. Mind it please.

Lock down heads to starvation, 

News Alert Brief – Part-1

(Part 1 earlier published)

The lockdowns meant to restrict public movement. It could not be managed in Karachi and other major centres. People are not accustomed to it. Unemployment and critically poverty level are causing them to stay on roads. Welfare organizations bring food or other items. In Karachi some one bring some money to distribute to the poor. What was an ultimate scene could be seen and assess where society is headed to. Could it be managed by SI DG government with the help of army, ranger’s and police or something worse is going to happen. There are every indication that the public at large would not be controlled to stay in their houses. Small or slum habitat will have no alternative but to come o streets. Social distance s not manageable among poorest people and the dangers are that not only the coronavirus spread may get worsening added with food shortage for hunger. Ultimate scenario is that the PM and his federal government will have to interfere in Sindh province as huge population and unemployed youths are not likely to be managed. The real danger is ahead.


PTI supporter released these pics of Muhammad Malik

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