Shield production started with 3D printers against coronavirus

A company in Şanlıurfa Technopolis and Elbistan Science and Art Center in Kahramanmaraş started the production of face shields in order to protect healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus.
Rauf Maltaş, Ali Öztürk  – March 25, 2020
Sanliurfa   (Anadolu) – Muhammed Filiz, a team spokesperson of the firm operating in the technocity of Harran University (HRÜ) and also the 4th year student of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the university, said that they decided to support healthcare workers within the scope of measures against the coronavirus affecting the world.

Stating that they started to produce face shields with the support of 3D printers against coronavirus, Filiz said:

“After the design process, we produce with a 3D printer. We can produce each visor in one hour and 26 minutes. We try to respond to this request in this way. We started to collect demand for Şanlıurfa, we exceeded 722 requests in 12 hours. At first, we started with 6 printers and increased the operation. We started production with 14 printers. ”

Stressing that technology does not require molds and machines in the production of visors, Filiz said that the cost of the product was reduced and the preparation process was accelerated.

“We started using in the hospital”

Ahmet Güzelçiçek, the Chief Physician of Sanliurfa Harran University Hospital, stated that the visor provides effective protection and stated that they started to use it in the hospital.

Emphasizing that health workers can take their hands to their unofficial face during the duty, Güzelçiçek said:

“These visors prevent you from bringing your hand to your face in the first place, the second protects you from the droplet infections that come in, and the third protects your eyes. This visor is also used with a mask. This visor also provides an important psychological comfort for us. We started to use in the hospital. Our guard friends with this shield working at the moment. ”

The first cost of the products is from the university

Rector of HRU. Dr. Sabri Çelik visited Şanlıurfa Technopolis and thanked the employees for their support to the healthcare professionals.

Stating that they cover the first cost of the products as a university, Çelik said that many institutions and organizations have contacted them for visor.

Emphasizing that young people care about their support, Çelik said: “They provide the visors that are produced both to our own institutions and to different institutions that demand them. said.

“We will deliver it to those in need”

Located doing Elbistan Science and Art Center in Kahramanmaras 3D visor production.

Mehmet Turaç, the director of the center, told the AA reporter that they spent their holidays in the center with their volunteer teacher friends.

Explaining that they are trying to respond to the increasing demands, Turaç continued as follows:

“We want to support hospitals that need medical parts, tools and equipment and respond to personal protection with the potential of 3D printers that we have in the fight against coranavirus. The parts produced in 3D printers can replace original parts when needed. We are producing face shields to protect them during their contact. We will ensure that these products are delivered to institutions and organizations in need, such as hospitals and health centers.

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