Facebook pulling plug on application for Windows 10

Web Desk – Feb 11, 2020

Facebook’s Windows 10 app will stop working before the end of this month, an email from a Facebook user who received a notification about the impending shutdown revealed.

According to the email from the Facebook team, the app will stop working on February 28, 2020.

The e-mail read: “Since you use Facebook for Windows desktop app, we wanted to make sure you’re aware this app will stop working on Friday, February 28, 2020. You can still access all of your friends and favorite Facebook features by logging in through your browser at www.facebook.com.

For the best experience, make sure you’re using the most current version of our supported browsers including the new Microsoft Edge.

You can still access Messenger through the Facebook website or by logging in through your browser at www.messenger.com. If you prefer a desktop app for your conversations, try the new Messenger for Windows which you can download now in the Microsoft Store.

Thank you for using Facebook for Windows desktop app, The Facebook Team.”

Facebook’s record when it comes to releasing and maintaining apps on Windows 10 has been a story of hit and miss throughout the years.

The company’s apps often go months without an update and fall behind their counterparts on iOS and Android.

The email states that Facebook’s Messenger app would still remain available and that people can chat through messenger.com.

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