Imran Khan embarrassing dignity of Pakistan – Hashmat Habib

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s public confession of sponsored stay at Davos hotel during World Economic Forum (WEF) amounts to admission of corrupt practice as per NAB was embarrassing the dignity of Pakistan. Against which Judiciary may take suo motu action.

Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia expressed annoyance and said throughout the country this confession is strongly criticized. He said WEF is funded by 1000 corporate companies with main purpose to function as a socializing hub for emerging global elite, globalization of “Mafiacracy” of bankers, industrialists, oligarchs, technocrats and politicians. It is self styled international organization of NGO status.

Hashmat Habib said internationally it is accepted that WEF do not solve issues such as poverty, global warming, chronic illness or debt. On the other hand WEF simply shifted the burden for the solution of these problems from Governments and business to responsible consumers’ subject. He said as foundation members companies, typically global enterprises are with more than 5 billion dollars in turnover.

Hence, to participate by Imran Khan with sponsors stay and meeting with members of WEF is a questionable visit and admission of sponsorship attracts Art-62(1) (f) of the constitution which reads; “he is sagacious, righteous, and non profligate, honest and Amin……. Two Pakistanis Sehgal and Chaudhry sponsored it on what terms? Judiciary may take suo motu action, the senior lawyer of Supreme Court added.

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