British Pakistani questions the foreign trips of rulers

Nasir Mahmood

By M A Azher

LONDON: British businessman of Pakistani origin and founder of NGO “Insaaf 4U”, Asad Shamim has raised questions on the foreign visits of Pakistani rulers. He said that visits were often been made abroad, including USA and UK, but rulers have never bothered to share the cost of these trips with public. The reasons for the trips or purpose are also not made public.

He stated that as all matters are dealt with through backdoor, in the same way, the result of each or many trips are also been kept secret. The public remains unaware as to whether there is any benefit of the high delegation visits. It is right of the nation to know the purpose of rulers’ overseas trips together with details of expenditures incurred on them.

Asad Shamim urged that these details must be shared with nation as it is the taxpayers’ money being spent on wasteful trips to the UK and USA. Asad Shamim further said the Prime Minister had announced that he was going to Davos where thousands of dollars or pounds were spent. However, if the visit was of no benefit to nation then it should not happen.

There is no purpose to such visits and this was waste of the nation’s money. He said that Pakistan is flooded with many issues, management of the Country and the style of governance is unbearable. He questioned where else in the world such occurrences happen that the crop is cultivated in Country but it is out of reach of their own people.

Unfortunately, this has become tradition in Pakistan. Despite production of wheat and sugarcane in the country, the flour and sugar crisis have intensified more recently. This is a testimony to the work of the government. Regardless of how many visits are been made abroad, unless the rule of law prevails in the Country the problems will never be fixed.

With such problems, no Country or individual will invest in Pakistan. News to the effect that Pakistan is making progress is both misleading and false. Such statements are being made to entice investors into Pakistan. Asad Shamim opined that investment will only happen when there is rule of law.

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