General Bajwa should step down gracefully – Hashmat Habib

The Office of Commander in Chief enjoys high respect and complete support of the nation but the issue of extension or re-employment of General Bajwa has upset this internationally accepted status. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz Adlia with heavy heart expressed that the bill for this purpose is in the hands of parliament which has created disrespect and disputed this sacred position.

The legislature has intentionally kept the ambiguity in article 243 of constitution which is in line with British and American army laws. He said it is internationally accepted view that if a force cannot groom a successor to the commander that force loses its right of existence. The way Imran Khan issued extension letter is enough to understand his intention so do not waste time and take decision swiftly when time starts running it reaches to an end.

The senior lawyer said that we had previously advised General Bajwa to act as per Quaid-e-Azam’s principle, discipline, and step down. He will earn marvelous reputation keeping the Armed Forces a united force having complete love and backing of the nation. But the issue of extension is being persuaded for undisclosed reasons injurious to the good name of brave army.

Hashmat Habib said golden chance is given by luck. General Bajwa must avail it and decline to accept any extension. General, after retirement remains General, his services always available to nation. Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s example is there, he worked under the command of Air Marshal Noor Khan, he added.

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