NAB Chairman has no authority to stop Nawaz Sharif – Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood

In the case of former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif court has awarded conviction which stood suspended therefore NAB has no authority to interfere. Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia pointed out that NAB has no jurisdiction to put any condition on Govt to perform its function.

He said NAB is headed by former Supreme Court Judge Javaid Iqbal but the objection to ensure the return before removal of Nawaz Sharif name from ECL is ridiculous. Similarly in the pending case of Ramazan Sugar Mill he is an accused only and all precautions were taken by trial court to ensure his return to country. Unnecessary delay of over 3 days may cause irreparable loss then who would be responsible.

The senior lawyer said Chairman NAB’s tenure is not for many years it will end soon therefore the dignity and respect of NAB if any be saved adopting legal way. Hashmat Habib said in white collar crime Chairman NAB ceases to enjoy any authority after submission of reference. NAB has no say in it therefore; demand of NAB appears an instrument to punish Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

It may be mentioned here that instead of taking Nawaz’s name off the ECL, NAB had sent a written reply to the interior ministry. The government and NAB, sources claimed, were not willing to take the responsibility of taking Nawaz’s name off the ECL.

While NAB opted for delaying tactics, the government was also refraining from using its authority to take Nawaz’s name off the list. In the past, the interior ministry had taken off several names from the no-fly list without taking NAB into confidence.

Sources said that NAB has asked for Nawaz’s medical reports from the government board and Sharif Medical City. The medical board formed by the government had suggested allowing former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to seek medical treatment abroad. PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif had filed a request on Friday, urging the government to take Nawaz’s name off the ECL. 

In a media talk, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Naeem ul Haque said that the government had seen Nawaz’s reports. He said that the former prime minister was ill and the decision has been taken in light of it. “It is the right of every Pakistani to have them treated as they see fit,” he said. “The government has no reservations over Nawaz seeking treatment abroad.”

Naeem said that it was up to the courts to decide how much time will be given to Nawaz to seek medical treatment. The court will decide as to how many times Nawaz can go abroad. It is also up to the court to decide on how long Nawaz can stay abroad for medical treatment, he said.

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