Turkish scientists determine age of centuries-old tree

Nuclear physicists use luminescence method to find age of olive tree in western Turkey
Selma Kasap – November 02, 2019

ANKARA (Anadolu) – Nuclear physicists in Turkey’s Ankara University determined the age of an olive tree in country’s west by using the luminescence dating method for the first time.

Laboratory tests revealed that the tree in the Milas district of Mugla province was planted in the region some three millennia ago.

Niyazi Meric, director of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of Ankara University at country’s capital, told Anadolu Agency that the study caused excitement in the scientific world.

“The article-writing process is ongoing before we announce the results of the study to the international community,” Meric said, adding that an international consortium had announced that multi-country conference on luminescence would be held in Turkey in 2021.

Meric added that the age of a fossilized tree could also be determined by counting its rings or using the Carbon 14 method.

But he stressed that these methods would be problematic for the tree in Milas as it is still alive.

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