US woman found dead in house with 140 snakes

Laura Hurst, 36, found dead with python wrapped around her neck
Michael Hernandez – November 01, 2019
US woman found dead in house with 140 snakes file photo

Authorities, however, have not determined a cause of death for Laura Hurst, 36, after she was found dead in a home owned by the local sheriff. An autopsy is planned for Friday morning.

Sgt. Kim Riley, an Indiana State Police spokesman, said Hurst was found on the floor of the home at 8:51 p.m. on Wednesday with the python wrapped loosely around her neck, the Journal and Courier local newspaper reported

The reticulated python is native to South and Southeast Asia, and can grow to be one of the longest snakes in the word.

Police found 140 snakes in the Oxford, Indiana house. Some 20 are believed to belong to Hurst.

Benton County Sheriff Don Munson, who owns the house and lives next door, told the Journal that Hurst’s death was a “tragic accident” and said he is fully cooperating as the investigation into her death continues.

“I’ve given all information to the state police,” Munson said.

Medical personnel were unable to revive Hurst after they arrived on the scene.

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