Pak Parliamentary delegation highlights Kashmir situation in Turkey

Mustafa – October 27, 2019

A five-member Parliamentary delegation of Pakistan is in Turkey to participate in the First Executive Council Meeting of Asian Parliamentary Assembly being held in Rize town. 

Pakistan delegation includes Senators Hidayatullah, Dr. Sikandar Mandhro, and Manzoor as well as Members National Assembly Mr. Ataullah and Mr. Amir Naveed.

Addressing the concluding session, Senator Hidayatullah, highlighted that 27th October was commemorated as Kashmir Black Day in Pakistan and throughout the world.

He said seventy-two years ago on this day, India airlifted its forces into Jammu & Kashmir and forcefully occupied the territory and this occupation continues till today.

He also reiterated Pakistan’s unflinching moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir until the realization of their right to self-determination as per the UN Security Council Resolutions through a plebiscite.

APA consists of 42 Member Parliaments and provides a forum to parliamentarians to exchange views, ideas and experiences for developing common strategies for promotion of peace development and cooperation in Asia and the world.

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