Normal life remains disrupted in Occupied Kashmir on 66th consecutive day

NNR/Zunera – October 09, 2019

In occupied Kashmir, normal life remains disrupted on the 66th day, today due to continued strict military siege.   

Internet and mobile phone services are snapped, public transport is off the roads and most business establishments are shut.

Schools and offices continue to wear a deserted look.

Meanwhile, a Democratic Senator Mark Warner, who is co-chair of the India Caucus in the US Senate, has said that he is disturbed by restrictions on communications and movement of people in occupied Kashmir.

In a tweet, he said the Indian government should live up to democratic principles by allowing freedom of press, information and political participation.

Meanwhile, BBC in its report on the prevailing situation in the occupied territory has said the ongoing lockdown has cost the region’s economy more than one billion dollar in two months.

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