Fate of Kashmir could not change through speeches – Hashmat Habib

By Nasir Mahmood

Imran Khan’s speech in United Nations attracted mixed reaction globally. But UN has proved itself an impotent body that was failed to resolve the biggest dispute of century during past 72 years. Hence, any further hopes pinned even after this speech would be fruitless, Hashmat Habib President Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Adlia said.

However, the senior lawyer said that burning Kashmir has made the iron hot to be swiftly hit by Jihad otherwise it will be an exercise in futile. He reviewed the suffering of burning Kashmir, oral claims by Govt and struggle of freedom fighters in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said we cannot change the fate of Kashmir through speeches without practical advancement to get liberty for Kashmiri brethren.

Hashmat said India had entered East Pakistan without any authority by fueling Mukti Bahni and imposed a unilateral war to convert into Bangladesh. The UN remained a silent spectator at that time. Similarly, we must enter the IOK which is now open land after lifting of Article 370.

According to him without hesitation now freedom fighters of Kashmir are the only hope to snatch liberty and get rid of Indian atrocities for innocent Muslim majority. The Govt of Imran Khan if unable to declare Jihad must release all detained persons of religious parties and facilitate them to help Kashmiris in their struggle because we cannot trust America again who always remain on the other side.

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